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      Introducing: Iain Maitland

      Rise Art is proud to present the work of Iain Maitland, in partnership with The Horsebox Gallery.

      By Sophie Nibbs

      Rise Art is proud to present the works of Iain Maitland as a new addition to the site, in partnership with The Horsebox Gallery. His photographic works are strikingly beautiful and yet there is something dangerous and haunting about the images he presents.

      Woman & Horse by Iain Maitland

      Iain graduated with a degree in Law and History of Art from Cambridge University in 2009.Whilst there, mildly frustrated by the conventional student lifestyle he began taking long walks during the night. Soon enough and under the cover of darkness he was exploring the lesser known areas of the university and its colleges. This is how he developed a habit for climbing college buildings and exploring the town in that way. “Eventually my night time expeditions resulted in a fairly severe arm injury and bad reputation with the local constabulary, who found me after a brief chase wailing in pain at the end of a dark alley. Thereafter I was forced to find another form of night time entertainment. And so I began cycling into the flat countryside surrounding Cambridge called the fens. By using the photographic techniques I had learnt whilst climbing (A powerful torch and camera on long exposure ) I began to record what I found there."

      Horse Profile 1 by Iain Maitland

      "The photographs here are the vaguely confrontational and fearful experiences I had with different animals, neither master as farmer, nor hunter I had to find new ways to relate to them. I think that in stumbling into their fields by night I caught them off guard, when they are not being the food, or entertainment we see them as in everyday life. Rather they seemed to me to be something quite different.” Iain is son of international award winning nature photographer David Maitland. As well as being an avid photographer he is a hugely talented playwright.

      The Harvest by Iain Maitland

      We are very excited to have Iain's work on RIse Art, to see more of his work visit his Rise Art profile.

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