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New: Bespoke Framing Options on All Editions

Take advantage of Rise Art's new bespoke framing services on all editions and works on paper across the site!

By Scott Phillips

If you've ever bought a work of art on paper or limited edition print, one of the most harrowing and frusterating experiences often takes place after purchase. The dreaded decision on how to frame and display the work. Framing can be painfully expensive and time consuming, not to mention confusing. With all the options around mounting, frame options and materials, its no wonder that many people end up giving up and just store prints under the bed.

At Rise Art we wanted to make it easier to get your prints framed and displayed on your wall with as little hassle as possible. Today, we're delighted to announce the launch of our bespoke framing services on all limited edition prints and works on paper sold across the site. 

Taking advantage of our framing services is easy. Simply select the frame of your choice from the selections available on each print. All of our artwork is framed using archival quality materials, ensuring that your work will look great and last a lifetime. Best of all, our frames won't break the bank, with prices up to 70% off high street framers. 

All of our frames are made to order, so your artwork will look beautiful in a frame designed specifically for the piece. Our standard offering includes White, Black and Walnut Frames, however if you are looking for something particular, you can email us and our team will help you find the perfect match for your artwork.

We hope you like the newest addition to Rise Art. 

Happy Browsing!

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