Artworks Reminiscent of Fauvism

Aimee Morris

Curated by Aimee Morris

In our latest collection, peruse an array of hand-selected artworks reminiscent of Fauvism. Fauves is french for 'wild beasts', a deservedly chosen title based on their liberal application of colour and disregard for realism. Intense colours, thick brushstrokes and simplified forms and figures characterise the Fauvist movement. Looking for something similar? Explore a range of prints, paintings, collages and more by artists working in the Fauvist style.

Barbara Rae's works meet halfway between abstraction and landscape paintings. Her unusual approach to painting and printmaking, with chunky, cubist shapes and intense bursts of colour, creates new, imaginative worlds to lose yourself in. Abstract screenprints such as Red Sky are ablaze with brilliant colour.

For fauvist-style photography, colourful and dynamic visuals by Reed Hearne are a must-consider. Reed zooms in on the patterns innate in the world around us but usually hidden to the naked eye. Energetic geometric patterns and textures collide in abstract expressionistic works such as Happy Is In Your Mind. You can find more bright and uplifting prints in our Reed Hearn collection.

Discover paintings evocative of Fauvist art by Daniela Schweinsberg. Daniela explores the interconnection of human and nature. Her abstract paintings are recognisable for their gestural brushstrokes, layered colours and erratic abstract compositions. Her large-scale canvases, fueled by experience and emotion, do not merely depict things as they are but offer up a wildly new visual language.

Donald MacCauley stands out for the painterly quality of his emphatic works which carry a real sense of character and charm. The artist employs thick, square brushstrokes, which mirrors the expressive emotionalism of Fauvism. His botanical oil paintings for sale, such as the semi-realistic Peace Lily, bring to mind famous Fauvist artists such as Henri Matisse and André Derain.

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