Donald Macauley


I was born in Cambridge in 1949 and grew up in the East Anglian countryside. I began painting at school aged 16 and my earliest efforts were semi-abstract but I soon discovered that I wanted above all to paint from life. I was at Reading University 1968 to 1972 and learned a lot from two very different painters-Ray Atkins and John Wonnacott, who have remained friends.I have in the past shown at the RA Summer Exhibition and the New English Art Club and Lynn Painter-Stainers shows and had a retrospective at the Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol, in 2010. I admire many painters past and present but especially the fifteenth-century Italian and Flemish masters- if there ever was a golden age of painting, this is it for me.

In September 2019 I had my first solo show in London, at the Graham Hunter Gallery in Baker Street, after only 36 years residence in the capital – doesn’t do to rush these things, does it? It went well, with some sales and renewed acquaintance with some people I last saw 17 years before. A few months later I sold my huge painting “A bar at the Warrington Hotel”, the first sale of anything this size to somebody I did not already know. Another large work, the Church of St Michael and all Angels, was completed in 2021, and I have begun repainting three Cambridge pictures from the 1970s (they never were up to scratch) necessarily from photographs. Since commuting or renting temporary accommodation would be ruinously expensive.

Selected Works

Farewell to London by Donald Macauley

Farewell to London

Paintings - 101x243 cm
Plants by the window by Donald Macauley

Plants by the window

Paintings - 26x48 cm
Ivy by Donald Macauley


Paintings - 23x38 cm
China cabinet by Donald Macauley

China cabinet

Paintings - 61x46 cm
Copper Beech by Donald Macauley

Copper Beech

Paintings - 58x41 cm
Fox and Forest by Donald Macauley

Fox and Forest

Paintings - 66x51 cm
Jacob's Ladder by Donald Macauley

Jacob's Ladder

Paintings - 41x31 cm
Nightcap by Donald Macauley


Paintings - 38x18 cm
Overgrown garden by Donald Macauley

Overgrown garden

Paintings - 33x15 cm
Peace Lily by Donald Macauley

Peace Lily

Paintings - 41x33 cm

Plane Treet

Paintings - 43x33 cm

The Warrington

Paintings - 140x170 cm

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