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        Contemporary Spanish Artists

        Spanish artists are an important part of European canon, having given rise to some of the biggest art movements of recent centuries. Ranging from the dreamlike landscapes of Surrealist Salvador Dalí to the Cubist creations of Pablo Picasso, Spanish artists have vreated diverse and exciting artworks. Spain has a rich history with eclectic influences, given that it once acted as the seat of the Germanic Habsburg Empire and also experienced a series of invasions from the Arabic Moors. As such, its art is incredibly distinctive when compared to other European countries, making it well worth exploring.

        We’ve brought together some of the best contemporary Spanish artists, working in a range of different media including Sculpture and Collage. Discover some of the country’s emerging talents and established names, using our range of filters to narrow down your search and find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it’s your first piece or you’re adding to a growing collection, we’re on hand for any help and advice you may need.

        Luis Medina

        Luis Medina is a Spanish artist who exemplifies the intrigue and contrasts of his home country. These Acrylic Paintings are beautifully simple in their composition, yet make use of vibrant and contrasting colours for expressive effect. Luis achieves this by building layer upon layer of acrylic paint, creating a richness and depth of colour that sets his work apart from the rest. Take a look at NG 18, an Abstract Painting that demonstrates the artist’s excellent eye for colour.

        Fernando Velazquez

        Following in the footsteps of his Surrealist predecessors, Fernando Velazquez creates dreamlike canvases that blur the lines between imagination and reality. However, unlike artists such as Dalí, Fernando works in a mystical and swirling style that abstracts the subject away from reality. It’s not entirely clear what each painting depicts, which is exactly where the beauty of his art lies. He describes his work as ‘encapsulating life’, and there’s an undeniable energy and movement to each piece. Aeon is a painting that shows the artist’s mysterious style, in which swirling colours and lights draw the viewer in and invite questions about the subject of the work.

        Beatriz Valiente

        If you’re looking for sculpture from Spanish artists, then we recommend Beatriz Valiente. Her Abstract Sculpture adopts nature and organic forms as a central theme, making use of organic materials such as paper and wood to achieve an authentic feel. We love her piece Micromundo VII that sees Japanese paper suspended in a Perspex box, perfectly capturing the beauty of flowers on a small scale.

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