Female Sculptors

Explore female sculptors online. Whether you’re interested in wood, ceramic or metal, or your preferred style is abstract, figurative or geometric, discover an ever-expanding selection of world-class creators from Olivia Peake to Nina Fowler.

Female Geometric Sculptors

Olivia Peake is a British artist whose style is rooted in themes of neo-futurism, technology and architecture. Her fascination with building material and form pervades Olivia’s practice. Clever geometric painting installations such as Semblance (Painting Three), acrylic paint and radiant light film on canvas, stand out for their experimental nature and ability to displace ordinary spaces with profound creations.

Halima Cassell stands out for her stunning large-scale geometric sculptures inspired by her cultural heritage. Drawing upon African symbols and patterns, Halima produces complex architectural constructions such as Staccato, bronze, and *Rubicon, also bronze. Though abstract in style, her approach nevertheless maintains a certain delicacy and symmetry which begs to be touched and explored by hand.

Inspired by Nature

Nicola Beattie specialises in contemporary sculpture and painting. Portraying water and light as it is experienced sensorily is essential to her work, providing it with a unique touch. Abstract creations such as Ebb and Flow, bardiglio alabaster and black granite base, characteristic of her various stone sculptures, are an amalgamation of flowing shapes, curves and textures; a seascape carved by hand.

Scandinavian-based Virginia Garcia Costa is known for her harmonious wooden sculptures. Humbly Hygge in style, her nature-inspired works such as Camino Del Bosque, processed wood, bark, acrylic and other on canvas, are arranged to represent delicate drops of water trickling down their surface.

Sculpture in Motion

Teresa Wells creates dynamic bronze sculptures which celebrate the strength and emotive capacity of the human form. Her figurative style is informed by human interaction, with a strong focus on the endurance and resilience of the human body in motion. Nude sculpture, Weight Of The World, bronze on steel, is placed on a pedestal, spotlighting the work’s uplifting and empowering sense of movement and strength.

Installation artist Briony Marshall creates abstract expressionist sculptures inspired by the natural world and our place within it. Her metal sculptures such as Carbon Pair, made from malleable pewter, are informed by her background in biochemistry and demonstrate her passion for conceptual, material-inspired works of art.

A Golden Touch

Renowned for her large scale pencil and graphite drawings, typically accompanied by sculptures, Nina Fowler’s oeuvre investigates themes of celebrity, beauty, power and sexuality. Her award-winning installations are fueled by her passion for the American Golden Age, often translated as visual imagery expressive of ambition and lust. As an example, her dramatic figurative portrait, I Wake Up Screaming IV, painted aluminium, presents a woman holding a gun. The narrative is left to the observer’s imagination.

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