Nina Fowler

Nina was commissioned to produce a series of portraits which now hang in The National Portrait Gallery.
Nina has exhibited across the world, from Florida to Hong Kong.
Preoccupied with the cult of celebrity, Nina draws inspiration from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

British artist Nina Fowler was born in London in 1981, but now lives and works in Norfolk. She is a multi-talented artist who creates everything from drawings to prints to sculpture, and has even produced her own installations. Nina is known for her meticulously detailed style and the large-scale of her drawings, in which she explores themes of celebrity, beauty and power. She draws inspiration from the Golden Age of Hollywood for her work, transforming these ideas for the modern age to provide a critique of our obsession with celebrity and stardom.

Nina Fowler’s Career

Nina began her artistic training with a BA in Sculpture from Brighton University, where she acquired the skills for her successful career as an artist. Since then, she has worked largely with portrait drawings and figurative sculpture, garnering attention across Europe and even exhibiting in Asia and the Americas. In 2019 she was awarded a major commission for The National Portrait Gallery titled ‘Luminary Drawings’, in which she created nine portraits of leading film directors which now form part of the museum’s permanent collection.

Exhibitions and Collections

Nina Fowler’s figurative art forms part of numerous private and public collections across the world, including The National Portrait Gallery and Soho House Group. She has exhibited extensively in London, and has had solo shows across Europe, including in Berlin and Paris.

Selected Works

I Wake Up Screaming IV (gloss) by Nina Fowler

I Wake Up Screaming IV (gloss)

Sculpture - 24x20 cm
I Wake Up Screaming IV by Nina Fowler

I Wake Up Screaming IV

Sculpture - 24x20 cm

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