Russian Artists

Discover Russian artists online. Explore a selection of up-and-coming artists from Russia such as Alexey Anikin and Laima Goda, skilled in a variety of different styles and mediums including Expressionist drawings, Abstract paintings and sculpture.…

Russian artist Khattin Valery is recognised for her expressive compositions such as her impressionist paintings Morning Grass and Night, both oil on canvas. With energetically layered brushstrokes and bright, full-bodied colour, Khattin connotes the dynamism and vitality of the natural world.

Also interested in nature art is Realist painter Alexey Anikin whose practice stems from traditional Russian landscape painting. His rural paintings such as Charm, oil on canvas, draw inspiration from the familiar landscapes of Central Russia. Though pure and peaceful in aesthetic, there is a real sense of scope in Alexey’s work; meadows meander for miles while the highly detailed flowers look so real, they could be plucked from the canvas.

Andrey Vishnevskiy Stary is admired for his elusive paintings such as Artist Face, oil on canvas, and Zig Zag. His highly textured paintings and somewhat aggressive colour sequences are a blend of abstract, expressionist and figurative in style, making for original and animated works of art.

Saint-Petersburg-based Alexander Grigorev is known for his meticulously crafted wooden sculptures such as Circe (2018). The golden finish and carved undulating shapes of his pieces are inspired by his travels, presenting an agglomeration of cultural and narratorial significance.

From rich landscape paintings to thoughtful nude drawings, Laima Goda’s portfolio is full of charming locations and deep emotion. Particularly striking are her figurative--futurist drawings such as Barefoot, Drinking Tea, graphite pencil on paper. The sketch, with its fragmented shapes, textured shading and wholesome subject matter, is characteristic of Laima’s approach to human form, following the path of major artists such as Schiele, Modigliani and Van Gogh.

Ilya Filatov blends elements of graphic design and oil painting together in his Pop Art portraits such as Beginning to Love. Pursuing themes of fashion, indulgence and seduction, his works play with contrast and bold colours to create a hybrid of fine and commercial art.

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    Ariadna Dane

    United Kingdom
    B. 1984

    Valery Khattin

    Russian Federation
    B. 1964

    Grigorii Pavlychev

    Russian Federation
    B. 1986