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        Pop Artists

        Discover contemporary Pop artists. Contemporary Pop artists are redefining the genre of Pop Art, drawing upon the ideas that gave rise to it and adding their own unique spin. Take a look at Peter Horvath, a pop artist working on contemporary collages. Using a bank of retro images dating from the mid-20th century, Peter creates unique artworks that juxtapose unexpected elements against one another. The bright colours and bold imagery set a distinctly Pop Art tone, while the unexpected scenes that he creates offer a fresh and thought-provoking perspective. Just take a look at The Smoker, where an image that could be lifted straight from a vintage advertisement is overlaid on a landscape scene.

        Perhaps because he was trained at a time when pop artists were so popular, Patrick Hughes works could certainly be considered part of contemporary pop art. His use of bright, contrasting colours and popular imagery closely aligns him with this movement, although he has an interesting approach to perspective that sets him apart. He is in fact the creator of a technique known as ‘reverspective’, an optical illusion on a three-dimensional surface in which the parts of the picture that seem to be furthest away are actually physically the nearest. There’s a playfulness and a sense of childlike joy in his work - take Cloudy, for example. We love the way that the vibrant colours of the rainbow and backdrop work together, while the surreal quality of the image holds the viewer’s attention, inviting closer inspection of the work.

        You can find all kinds of Pop Art for sale right here from Pop artists around the world, from Collage to Sculpture and everything in between. Whether you’re looking to rent for a short period or add to a growing collection, you’re sure to find art that speaks to you.

        Find out more in our Guide To Pop Art.

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          Featured Artists
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          Evelyn Morgan

          United Kingdom
          B. 1989

          Sven Pfrommer

          B. 1965

          Patrick Caulfield

          United Kingdom
          B. 1936

          Harland Miller

          United Kingdom
          B. 1964

          Mark Petty

          United Kingdom
          B. 1979