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        Latin American Artists

        Discover modern Latin American artists working today. With surreal landscapes and geometric portraits on offer, we have shone a light on some of the most exciting ermerging and established Latin American artists on the scene.

        Diana Rosa

        One Latin American artist making waves with Surrealist paintings is Cuban artist Diana Rosa. Diana combines traditional Cuban themes and motifs inspired by her heritage with vibrant colours and patterned backdrops. Never shying away from a broad palette, Diana’s canvases are bursting with saturated colour and detail.

        Geoff Diego Litherland

        Geoff Diego Litherland also follows a surreal approach to create mystical landscapes and dramatic portraits. Geoff’s realistic painting style invites the viewer into his fantastical worlds, inspired by the rural Mexican landscape and supernatural worlds. Working in oils allows Geoff to achieve immense and intricate detail, instilling depth into each of his paintings.

        Both Diana and Geoff create large-scale works of art that are driven by mystical narratives. Whether drawing on depth or flattening the image through pattern, both painters pay homage to the traditions of Latin American painting to create captivating and otherworldly works of art.

        History of Latin American Artists

        Contemporary Latin American artists are some of the world’s most exciting creatives active today, creating art that is both rich in history and unique in appearance. Latin American art dates back to prehistoric times, yet only in the 15th century did South and Central America come into contact with the influence of European Art. Colonialism has had a huge impact on the course of Latin American art, however artists have still retained a strong sense of identity which continues to characterise so much of their art.

        With the 20th century, Latin American artists started to travel further afield, leaving Central and South Latin America and informing their art through experiences of other cultures, climates and civilisations. Travelling to North America, Europe and Africa, across the world artists began to break down the boundaries and conventions of art, sharing influence, styles and practice. Countries such as Mexico and Cuba prevailed as hubs of artistic development, with figures such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera emerging from Mexico and a Cuban Modernist exhibition being held at MoMA in New York.

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          Featured Artists
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          Renata Fernandez

          United Kingdom
          B. 1971

          Geoff Diego Litherland

          United Kingdom
          B. 1979

          Lucas Pertile

          B. 1976