Nicolás Franco

Nicolas Franco has exhibited in world-famous galleries, including the Tate Modern.
An international artist, Nicolas has had residences in London and the Netherlands.
Nicolas has earned numerous awards, including one from the University of Oxford.

Nicolás Franco was born in Santiago, Chile in 1973, and has since gone on to study and work across the Hispanic world and beyond. He is a polymath who works with a range of different media, including Paintings, Collage, Photography and even installation art. Adopting a postmodernist approach to his work, Nicolás tends to appropriate pre-existing materials and documents and manipulate them to create his own unique artworks. In doing so, he explores themes of historical events and memory, as well as the nature of human existence and how we interact with the history that surrounds us. We love the moody and introspective atmosphere of these largely monochrome pieces.

Nicolás Franco’s Career

Nicolás has had a truly international training, studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, as well as residences at De Ateliers in Amsterdam and Gasworks in London. This diverse training has clearly influenced his Mixed Media Paintings, which appear to be an amalgamation of different influences and styles.

Exhibitions and Awards

Nicolás’ Conceptual Paintings have been exhibited across the globe, in prestigious galleries that include the Tate Modern and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Santiago. He has also received international recognition for his work, earning himself numerous awards including the TECNOPOL from Universidad Alberto Hurtado and University of Oxford, and the Chilean Funds for the Arts prize in 2016.

Selected Works

Misfit (Primary school) by Nicolás Franco

Misfit (Primary school)

Paintings - 260x390 cm
Misfit (Poncho) by Nicolás Franco

Misfit (Poncho)

Paintings - 260x390 cm
Misfit by Nicolás Franco


Paintings - 300x700 cm

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