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        Tom Phillips

        Tom Phillips was elected to the Royal Academy in 1984.
        Tom is a polymath, and has also worked as a writer and composer.
        You’ll find Tom’s work in specialist collections across the world, from Canberra to Miami.

        Born in 1937 in London, Tom Phillips is a renowned British artist whose artist career spans across various different media and roles. He is best known for his work in Painting, Printmaking and Collage, making him a highly diverse creator. Tom’s art has a highly emotional feel to it, and he often uses the interplay of Typography and visual language to produce intimate and engaging artworks. Each piece of his tells a story, making use of various techniques including muted colour palettes and evocative imagery to create a sense of nostalgia and history that brings his work to life.

        Tom Phillips’ Life and Career

        Tom is something of a polymath, having originally studied English at Oxford where he took Drawing classes alongside his degree. He continued this artistic training at Camberwell School of Art, where he was taught by Frank Auerbach. In 1965, he had his first one-man exhibition in London, and has gone from strength to strength since then. Tom has exhibited in countless institutions across the world, from the National Portrait Gallery in London to New York Public Library. Not only is he a prolific visual artist, he has also written an opera, translated Dante’s inferno and worked on numerous theatre set designs.

        Awards and Accolades

        Ranging in style and subject, from Pop Art to Portraits, Tom’s art has earned his international acclaim along the way. This recognition includes the Hunting Art Prize in 1988 and his election to the Royal Academy in 1984.

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