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Nick Offer

Nick Offer is an experienced mixed-media artist, mainly working with collage and painting.
Nick combines, recombines and edits random images that engage him until they resonate in a certain way.
The resulting works represent a fairly direct line to one’s subconscious.

Nick Offer is an experienced mixed-media artist who lives and works in North London. He was educated at Edinburgh College of Art (BA) and Winchester School of Art (MA) and subsequently based himself in Barcelona and Ghent. Nick creates compelling self-contained worlds, composed of assemblies of disparate imagery first collaged and then transformed into paintings. He allows the paint – applied randomly and freely in the early stages - to dictate the structure and rhythm of his works.

Nick Offer's Style and Practice

Nick founds his paintings on collages that incorporate extremely varied source material - usually random photos fused with new contexts. He combines, recombines and edits the images until a combination resonates in a certain way. Having chanced upon a theme or juxtaposition that seems meaningful, Nick then begins to paint the newly significant imagery on canvas. He taps into diverse techniques, experimenting with spray paint, sponges and scrapers with acrylic, oils and toners. In his recent works, figures are thrust into new and unexpected environments to create intriguing visual and sensory impacts.

Exhibitions and Collections

Nick has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad. The artist was a finalist in the London Contemporary Art Prize, 2018 and 2017, and the Lacey Contemporary Prize, 2016. Two of his recent paintings are owned by the ruler of Dubai and Princess Haya of Jordan.

Selected Works


Paintings - 80x82 cm


Paintings - 60x78 cm

Running Figure 2

Paintings - 52x49 cm

Night Trippers

Paintings - 95x100 cm

Lift Off!

Paintings - 110x110 cm

Running Figure 1

Paintings - 56x61 cm

Border Radio

Paintings - 130x120 cm


Paintings - 130x120 cm


Paintings - 70x70 cm


Paintings - 45x58 cm


Paintings - 60x60 cm

Reconnoitre 2

Paintings - 70x70 cm


Paintings - 98x90 cm

Night Hunter

Paintings - 120x110 cm


Paintings - 110x90 cm

Communion 2

Paintings - 110x90 cm


Paintings - 95x70 cm

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