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        Seçil Erel is a UK-based artist who seeks to investigate how mathematics and architectural influences intersect with the visual arts.
        Seçil creates colourful abstract geometric prints and paintings with architectural detail.
        Seçil's boldly constructed works have been exhibited worldwide, many of which reside in prestigious private collections.

        London-based contemporary artist Seçil Erel is less interested in painting things and more interested in painting their relationship to space and time. Her abstract oil paintings are, therefore, an intellectual blend of mathematics and architecture, blending colour, form, movement and light in a way that is both multidimensional and multi-perspectival. Born in Istanbul in 1980, Secil studied both her BA and MA degrees at Mimar Sinan Fine Art Academy, Istanbul.

        Seçil Erel’s Style and Practice

        Seçil explores space through architectural detail in her paintings. Her paintings and prints demonstrate a unique mapping of metronomic repetition, modular shapes, rhythms and layered textures. That said, Seçil's abstract geometric compositions such as Crumble Walls and Coherence 1, both oil on canvas, still maintain a certain level of intimacy, spirituality and emotion. Gridlike networks of strong primary colours intersect with liberal, free-flowing brushstrokes, resulting in highly nuanced, patterned works.

        Exhibitions & Collections

        Seçil has enjoyed solo exhibitions in Istanbul, Ankara and New York, as well as participated in countless collective exhibitions across Germany, Switzerland, Italy, UK, and the US. The artist published her first book in 2016, and has taken part in various symposiums and artist residencies too. Her paintings have been and continue to be purchased by prestigious private art collections.

        Read our interview with the artist to find out more about Seçil’s calculated and yet sensitive approach to painting.

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