Nikola Markovic

Nikola Markovic is a Slovenian born artist who lives and works in Serbia.
Nikola does not talk about what forms represent, rather he makes a study of what they can evoke and detach.

Nikola Markovic is a Slovenian born artist who lives and works in Serbia. Nikola produces abstract paintings and collage works. His designs are eclectic and fun. We particularly love his series of paintings entitled C17H18F3NO, which have an almost technological look - as if the artist has captured scrambled data.

The artist trained at the University of Arts in Belgrade. For two decades Nikola has painted murals and sets for films, commercials and theatre productions. The artist has received no less than five grants from Serbia’s Ministry of Culture in Belgrade.

Nikola has held solo exhibitions in Serbia, Amsterdam and Austria. He has participated in countless group shows in these regions too.

Selected Works

9th Dan by Nikola Markovic

9th Dan

Paintings - 45x35 cm
Cut and paste by Nikola Markovic

Cut and paste

Collage - 50x35 cm
Fake beach no.2 by Nikola Markovic

Fake beach no.2

Paintings - 160x540 cm
Fake beach by Nikola Markovic

Fake beach

Paintings - 160x540 cm
Tom and Jerry/the other side by Nikola Markovic

Tom and Jerry/the other side

Collage - 260x300 cm
Woodstock no.4 by Nikola Markovic

Woodstock no.4

Collage - 60x60 cm
Woodstock no.3 by Nikola Markovic

Woodstock no.3

Collage - 60x60 cm
Woodstock no.2 by Nikola Markovic

Woodstock no.2

Collage - 50x60 cm
Woodstock no.1 by Nikola Markovic

Woodstock no.1

Collage - 50x60 cm
C17H18F3NO No9 by Nikola Markovic

C17H18F3NO No9

Paintings - 50x40 cm

C17H18F3NO No6

Paintings - 50x40 cm

My Story So Far

Paintings - 300x250 cm

A working class girl made good

Paintings - 300x250 cm

The crowd

Prints - 55x45 cm

Woodstock No2

Paintings - 42x33 cm

C17H18F3NO No7

Paintings - 50x40 cm


Paintings - 300x250 cm

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