Anna Toppin

Anna Toppin worked on the first season of 'Poirot'!
Anna has exhibited worldwide with BICHA Gallery, Gabriel's Wharf, London, and at numerous Affordable Art Fairs.
Anna's work is purely decorative as she approaches with a designer's eye, so is available for commissions!

Fine art degree, Wimbledon. 10 years as set designer LWT. Moved to Suffolk to look after children. Started printing 5 years ago at Hampstead School of Art. With BICHA gallery for 4 years, shown and sold at Affordable art Fairs internationally. My work is purely decorative and has a Japanese or interior design related influence.

Selected Works

Swan Lake by Anna Toppin

Swan Lake

Prints - 55x74 cm
Dark Blue Swan by Anna Toppin

Dark Blue Swan

Prints - 57x52 cm
Starry Starry Night, Yellow by Anna Toppin
Starry Starry Night Grey by Anna Toppin

Starry Starry Night Grey

Prints - 72x47 cm
Kyoto 2 Jade by Anna Toppin

Kyoto 2 Jade

Prints - 75x55 cm
Snow Dance 1 by Anna Toppin

Snow Dance 1

Prints - 55x74 cm
Emma Loves me in Yellow and Black by Anna Toppin
Kyoto 2 Pink by Anna Toppin

Kyoto 2 Pink

Prints - 75x54 cm
Kyoto 2 Gold by Anna Toppin

Kyoto 2 Gold

Prints - 74x54 cm
Charcoal Fish Kimono by Anna Toppin

Charcoal Fish Kimono

Prints - 75x54 cm

Gold and Navy Kimono

Paintings - 120x90 cm

Snow Dance

Prints - 55x75 cm

Lost in Translation

Prints - 55x75 cm

Bamboo Kimono, Red

Prints - 50x74 cm

Pink Tiger Kimono

Prints - 72x50 cm

Not for Walking

Prints - 72x45 cm

Bamboo Kimono, Grey

Prints - 50x74 cm

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