Siah Armajani

Siah Armajani wrote the manifesto, “Public art in the context of American democracy” in 1968.
Siah’s art has been collected by MoMA, The Guggenheim Museum and The British Museum.
At school, Siah studied western philosophers Socrates, Hegel, Nietzsche and Emerson.

Iranian-born American artist Siah Armajani is recognised internationally for his interdisciplinary approach to art over the last 60 years. Siah’s body of work is expansive, ranging from geometric sculptures and abstract prints, to his large scale conceptual projects. Most famous for his public art displays, Siah creates work that bridges the boundaries between community and art. Siah merges influences from Persian cultural heritage, American architecture and western philosophy to inform his artistic practice.

Siah Armajani’s Education and Early Career

Born in Tehran, Iran in 1939, Siah began making art as a teenager, forming collages inspired by Persian folk tales and political propaganda he saw around Tehran. As Siah’s art developed, it began to respond to Persian poetry, Islamic art and architecture and the Abstract Expressionist style of Pollock and Kline. In 1960 Siah moved to the US to study philosophy at Macalester College in Minnesota, where he continues to live and work.

Exhibitions and Public Works

Siah’s art exists in collections around the world, including MoMA, The Guggenheim Museum, The British Museum, Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt and more. Siah’s interest in engineering led to way to conceptual and architectural projects such as Fibonacci Discovery Bridge and Limit Bridge. Siah follows the philosophy that public art should encourage community and his 375 foot Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge in Minneapolis characterises this belief as it connects two parts of the city and exists to enhance the life of the public.

Selected Works

Tomb for Alfred Whitehead by Siah Armajani

Tomb for Alfred Whitehead

Prints - 74x57 cm

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