Elisabeth Bond

Elisabeth Bond's woodcuts, etchings and linocuts have a timeless appeal.
One of Elisabeth's sculptures has been installed at Trinity Buoy Wharf.
Elisabeth has taken park in residencies across China, Denmark and the US

Elisabeth Bond started out as a playwright writing for theatre, TV, radio and film. She's now a printmaker working with woodcuts and recently on monotype portraits.

Bond is influenced by nature and the state of the world at large - human beings and their environment. Waste dumps and mudslides are here, yet her work has great beauty. Perhaps it's the traditional relief printing techniques, which give these prints their sense of timelessness.

Bond's prints are almost entirely cut from discarded wood that she finds around London. In particular she uses pieces of scaffolding plank left on the streets for woodcuts of crows. Artist residencies in China, Denmark and the US have all left their mark on her work, too. Look out in particular for her prints of families in the Chinese countryside.

Bond's work is part of collections in America, Italy, China, Australia and the UK. She has 3 large woodcuts hanging in reception in the Canary Wharf Group..

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