Rosie Emerson

Rosie Emerson's prints are perfect for the bedroom or living room of a fashion devotee.
Rosie's work has the potential to appreciate in value as her career goes stellar.
Rosie's experimental approach results in a compelling collection of prints.

Rosie Emerson is a printmaker on the up, praised by the fashion and art world alike for her otherwordly portraits. She takes classical or contemporary female figures and transforms their image into something surreal and dreamy, often screenprinted using unusual materials including charcoal powder, ash and sawdust to create subtle texture.

Emerson’s most recent Photopolymer etchings continue to push printmaking in new directions, her monochrome portraits are delicately embossed with unusual materials; salt, netting, hair and cellophane. Her hand build theatre Marquette’s, play with scale and create ornate surrounds to her subjects. Her works almost always echo previous eras and sometimes other worlds entirely.

Emerson has exhibited widely on the international scene. London shows solo exhibitions with Annouska, The Ivy Club and Harvey Nichols. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Another Magazine, Sunday Times Style. Emerson was invited to be artist in residence at Somerset House and also has a Guinness Wold record for creating the worlds largest cyanotype photograph. Her portraits are becoming increasingly desirable.

Selected Works

Audrey Hepburn by Rosie Emerson

Audrey Hepburn

Prints - 100x40 cm
The Planet Who Believed I by Rosie Emerson

The Planet Who Believed I

Prints - 40x40 cm
Aria I by Rosie Emerson

Aria I

Prints - 56x38 cm
Aria II by Rosie Emerson

Aria II

Prints - 56x38 cm
Aria III by Rosie Emerson

Aria III

Prints - 56x38 cm
Moda by Rosie Emerson


Prints - 55x25 cm
Lovers Edition by Rosie Emerson

Lovers Edition

Prints - 30x21 cm
Charlie and Annika by Rosie Emerson

Charlie and Annika

Prints - 37x56 cm
Falcon by Rosie Emerson


Prints - 100x35 cm
Liza 1 by Rosie Emerson

Liza 1

Photography - 38x29 cm

Liza 2

Photography - 38x29 cm

Ophelia #3

Prints - 45x32 cm

Ophelia #1

Prints - 45x32 cm


Prints - 50x50 cm

Shrine #2

Prints - 80x35 cm

Shrine #1

Prints - 80x35 cm

Shrine #3

Prints - 80x35 cm

Shrine #5

Prints - 80x35 cm

Shrine #6

Prints - 80x35 cm

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