Marc Chagall


Marc Chagall (born Moishe Shagal) is an early modernist Franco-Jewish artist, he has been associated with several major artistic styles and has created works in a wide range of artistic formats, including painting, drawings, book illustrations , stained glass, theater sets, ceramics, tapestries and art impressions. He had two fundamental reputations, writes Lewis: that of pioneer of modernism and that of major Jewish artist. He knew "the golden age" of modernism in Paris, where "he synthesizes the artistic forms of cubism, symbolism and fauvism, and the influence of fauvism gave birth to surrealism". However, throughout these phases of his style, "he remained a Jewish artist, whose work was only a long reverie on life in his native village of Visbsk". "When Matisse dies", noted Pablo Picasso in the 1950s, "Chagall will be the only remaining painter who will understand what color is really."

Selected Works

Venir voir a Carnot by Marc Chagall

Venir voir a Carnot

Drawings - 17x21 cm
L’Acrobate by Marc Chagall


Prints - 48x34 cm
Nuit d’Été by Marc Chagall

Nuit d’Été

Prints - 48x34 cm

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