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Chiharu Shiota creates places emptied of all human presence, of all physical presence but where literally the sons of memory, the temporal footprints come to weave arachnean canvases which bind inert objects in the past, at moments, presences that do not Exist more than in memory.Chiharu Shiota was born in Osaka in Japan in 1972. She studied at the University of Kyoto and then went to Europe to study at the University of Beaux Arts in Berlin then at the University of Fine Arts from Hamburg. She learns with the greatest since she works in the workshop of proven artists like Marina Abramovic and Rebecca Horn. She displays her female influences such as Louise Bourgeois, Eva Hesse or Ana Mendieta, who also concentrates their work on 'Physical experimentation, the unconscious and the materials evoking femininity such as thread and textiles). "& nbsp; the sons are woven in the other. They are caught. They tear each other apart. They untied. They are like a mirror of feelings & nbsp; ”. This is how the artist describes her monumental facilities, through which she explores the body, temporality, movement, memory and dream, thus involving the spectator physically and mentally. In the world of contemporary art, thanks to his spectacular works, halfway between performance, body art and installations, immediately recognizable thanks to their use of braided wire. Chiharu Shiota's work projects an overwhelming vision of the world which is properly unforgettable. The memory of things has always been her favorite theme. His work is very recognized, she exhibits in the biggest contemporary art galleries in the world, but also to the National Museum of Art in Osaka in 2008 or at the Biennale de Venice in 2015.

Chiharu Shiota Artworks

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    I Hope... by Chiharu Shiota

    I Hope...

    Sculpture - 120x120 cm
    State of Being (Pistol) by Chiharu Shiota

    State of Being (Pistol)

    Sculpture - 50x50 cm
    No title 2 by Chiharu Shiota
    View in a room interior
    No title 2 by Chiharu Shiota

    No title 2

    Prints - 99x67 cm
    No title 4 by Chiharu Shiota
    View in a room interior
    No title 4 by Chiharu Shiota

    No title 4

    Prints - 84x65 cm
    Holding Memory by Chiharu Shiota
    View in a room interior
    Holding Memory by Chiharu Shiota

    Holding Memory

    Prints - 84x64 cm

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