Georges Braque


Georges Braque & Nbsp; is a French artist and founder of the cubist movement. First Impressionist then Fauvist, Braque is already a avant-garde painter before developing the movement, strongly influenced by the techniques of & nbsp; Paul Cézanne, coloring his paintings with bright colors and inventive compositions. After having seen the Demoiselles of Avignon & Nbsp; (1907) of & nbsp; Pablo Picasso & Nbsp; In his studio, Braque explores his fractured perspective and incorporates it into his own work. Picasso and Braque will develop the cubist aesthetics, refine the dramatic points of view and introduce elements of collage into revolutionary works defying the preconceived ideas of illusionism, painting and sight. It is from there that the "Braque-Picasso" rope "begins; With these two artists constantly in research and confrontation. "What the meeting between Picasso and Braque brings up is that the pattern is no longer painting ..." (Pierre Daix). Braque and Picasso are often designated as "the founders of cubism". So does not happen to invent: he sculpts the paper, the cardboard, he cuts and he sticks, he mixes with his painting of sawdust, Sand ... The artist will make the decoration of the ceiling of the Etruscan room of the Louvre museum on the theme of the bird. He thus became the first painter exposed to the Louvre during his lifetime. & Nbsp; this theme will be the object of many of his works, the bird and the star will be for Braque the symbol of freedom: "Liberty n 'is not accessible to everyone. For many, she places herself between defense and permission. " Georges Braquel'artiste died in Paris on August 31, 1963 at the top of a brilliant and glorious career, he was one of the most influential artists of the 20th century and the most prolific.

Selected Works

Pommes et Feuilles by Georges Braque

Pommes et Feuilles

Prints - 50x65 cm
Août, oiseau dans son nid by Georges Braque
Les Étoiles by Georges Braque

Les Étoiles

Prints - 48x34 cm

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