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Emmanuelle Lemetais is a Parisian artist of Norman origin born in 1970. She has lived and worked in Paris for 30 years, professional painter for 17 years. His 5 years of study in Olivier de Serres and at the Boule school as an interior architect, provided him with a solid training that is at the same time artistic, technical, and a real mastery of perspective. Rigor and passion, drawing and composition, materials and colors ... Everything is taught. After ten professional years in the arrangement, interior architecture and furniture design, Emmanuelle whose leisure has been painting from a very young age, chooses to make it her job. It begins with contemporary art salons and business exhibitions before being quickly noticed by galleries. For Emmanuelle Lemetais, acrylic painting, pigments, pencil on linen canvas are techniques that are used to play, cook, orchestrate ... She finds balance in her compositions thanks to spots, colors and graphics. Close to the border between figurative and abstract, she wishes to keep this "architectural sketch" side by suggesting, erasing, keeping the spontaneity of departure.

Emmanuelle Lemetais is one of the 10 women's favorite women of Kazoart

Selected Works

Emeraude rubis by Emmanuelle Lemetais

Emeraude rubis

Paintings - 90x30 cm
Le long du quai by Emmanuelle Lemetais

Le long du quai

Paintings - 116x73 cm
Partie revenir by Emmanuelle Lemetais

Partie revenir

Paintings - 100x100 cm
Tout va très bien Toulouse by Emmanuelle Lemetais

Tout va très bien Toulouse

Paintings - 100x100 cm
Les ardoises by Emmanuelle Lemetais

Les ardoises

Paintings - 80x80 cm
Depuis chez nous by Emmanuelle Lemetais

Depuis chez nous

Paintings - 90x30 cm
Partir là-bas by Emmanuelle Lemetais

Partir là-bas

Paintings - 80x80 cm

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