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Florent Lubienicki

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Emerging Artist

The work of Florent & Nbsp; is mainly aloked around the consciousness of the natural elements that surround us, the human condition and its relationship with time and space, meditation, introspection and invisible human depths. These imperceptible subtleties of living beings are for him & nbsp; an inexhaustible and vast source of inspiration and questioning. Finding a visual form in the mind or in abstract concepts of time and space, this is what challenges Florent in his approach and in his role as an artist today. To counterbalance these very vague concepts, the sciences took an important part in his work. Try to rationalize the abstract or find a visual form in the rational of science. His watchwords are patience, concentration and rigor. This balance between freedom and mastery allows him to remain a free artist and always progress. Today, as an artist, it is necessary to treat the reality of a time when things around us go extremely quickly. But the things we live inside do not go at the same rate. Florent does not wish to dwell on external things, events or news. These notions are the opposite of his research. & Nbsp; is & nbsp; attracted by what exists "between the lines", the ellipses, the moments when the eyes close, the internal vision of a blind man, the dreams, the 'imperceptible. The discipline of a practice such as drawing, painting or sculpture leads to work on oneself through art. Each gesture is important because it influences the following. Each thought is important because it influences gesture. Ceramics brings this notion much more than drawing or painting because the material has a much more present memory of each manipulation imposed on it. He compares its process to a machine capable of transcribing graphically or in volume, the expression of Impalpable, invisible and indescribable things in us and around us. A balanced balance between art and science. Made of acrylic painting, Chinese ink and nuts, its pieces relate to natural, geological processes and phenomena. The flowering variations, the inflating forms create an extremely diverse collection of work, representing a fascinating tension between the complex, the perfectly woven lines and their thick geometric borders. "Agora Gallery - New York

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    The flaw by Florent Lubienicki

    The flaw

    Drawings - 26x60 cm
    Énergie pure 3 by Florent Lubienicki

    Énergie pure 3

    Collage - 44x33 cm

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