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Olga Novokhatska

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Emerging Artist

Olga Novokhatska's painting is continuing a research that now places it, to various degrees, between abstraction and figuration. In her recent work, she explores the relationships between the materiality of the pictorial texture and the emotions aroused by her subject of inspiration, taken as the starting point for her creation. Olga Novokhatska makes us glimpse, while blurring the tracks.

Olga Novokhatska Artworks

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    Jardin des Tuileries by Olga Novokhatska

    Jardin des Tuileries

    Paintings - 97x130 cm
    Côte rocheuse by Olga Novokhatska

    Côte rocheuse

    Paintings - 80x60 cm
    Vernazza by Olga Novokhatska


    Paintings - 60x92 cm
    Portrait dans les tons du rouge by Olga Novokhatska

    Portrait dans les tons du rouge

    Paintings - 80x120 cm
    Marlène by Olga Novokhatska


    Paintings - 195x97 cm
    Arbres dans les tons de gris by Olga Novokhatska

    Arbres dans les tons de gris

    Paintings - 73x116 cm
    Etude de la villa Balbianello by Olga Novokhatska

    Etude de la villa Balbianello

    Paintings - 50x50 cm
    Arbre en fleurs by Olga Novokhatska

    Arbre en fleurs

    Paintings - 73x92 cm

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