Corinne Jullien


"Corinne Jullien offers us an apparently harmless universe, evocative of tales and legends, borrowing falsely clumsy routes from illustrations for children's literature. But all this is only Appance, coverage for a more subversive remarks. Her universe is D 'A disturbing familiarity, close to the disturbing strangeness, the Freudian Unheimlichkeit. The artist refers to the spectator the reflection of his own story, an image first disturbing then who once identified becomes his. The use of large formats, apparently incompatible with the intimacy of the figurative scenes, and by the imposing presence of the main character, rigorously centered. But this is only a lure, a misleading trap, because anyone who ventures to enter In this work is immediately caught up in his own point of view, forced to put his imagination to contribute to fill the spatial and narrative gaps, to tackle his own mythology on that proposed by the artist. " Louis Doucet. Art critic, collector.

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