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      Robert West


      West has established a unique painting language that has been created through the combination of original and derived techniques; executing paintings that represent the now as he sees it. West works within abstraction, focuses on colour, energy, form and technical expansion.

      The Borderline painting series is the collision, blurring and juxtaposing of West's catalogue of painting techniques. This combination creates a complex multi-layered wandering visual plane saturated with stacked colour, unique lines and unpredictable forms.

      West lives and works just outside Hull. He was raised in a working-class family and has worked in the construction industry from a young age.

      His broad construction knowledge has brought about fresh thinking into his painting practice, this has consequently led him to his break throughs in the development of new painting techniques.

      West has made a conscious effort to focus on setting up a base in the North of England which will be expanded with his practice.

      References from outside his work are limited and paintings are engaged and reacted to in the progress of their creation. West is currently expanding the Borderline painting series.

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