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      Marija Nikolic


      Marija Nikolic is a visual artist of the younger generation whose current artistic expression is deeply rooted in the aesthetic thought of abstract minimalism and postminimalism, where she most frequently explores the capabilities of a framed geometrical form. Born in 1989 in Serbia. After graduating from the art school Tehnoart Beograd, jewelry department, she enrolled in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, where in 2015 she completed her master's studies in Painting. Upon completing the studies she participated in a number of group exhibitions, had six solo shows and took part in a few art colonies. Her artworks are a part of many private and a few public collections. She has been a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia since 2020 where she actively participates in the organization of the Youth Biennial. Currently represented by ZContemporary, an abstract art gallery based in Hamburg, Germany. She lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.

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