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      Alissa Kim Tjen


      Alissa is a modern landscape artist based in North Vancouver, Canada. Working primarily in acrylics, she often employs an abstract and impressionist style in her landscape paintings. She started painting from childhood and continued her artistic journey at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto and Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver. She refined her own visual and conceptual vocabulary that was then translated through her graphic design works. She is now an artist depicting 'nature' in many of her paintings.

      Alissa captures the placidity of the West Coast in her semi-abstract works in acrylics. She aims to convey her authentic impressions of the places, rather than depicting a representational or a descriptive view of the landscapes. She subjectively interprets the landscape and her impressions, then translates them into collective fragments using colours, shapes and textures. She aims at the creation of tranquility in the mind of the onlooker. Through a constant amalgamation of envisioning, painting onto a canvas and contemplating, she consciously intends to portray the serene impression of the nature. Also, she fills her paintings with intuitive and meditative brush strokes as a response to the natural world that surrounds her.

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