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Zarya Austin-Fell


Zarya Austin-Fell is a multimedia artist and musician based in Lisbon, Portugal. Her work considers the relationship between everyday life and the objects that accompany it, exploring themes of basic rituals and routine and the pleasure found in unremarkable objects and spaces. Zarya spent 5 years living and studying in Brighton and graduated in 2018 with a degree in Fine Art Critical Practice, after which she set up a non-profit gallery space to host exhibitions for local artists. Since 2018 she has had 5 solo shows between the UK and Lisbon.

'Calmer Now; Wings Soar, Stems Grow', GAAT Museum, Lisbon, 2023. Dual show.

Opening Night of 220a, Lisbon, 2023. Group show.

'Glass Cabin', EGEU, Lisbon, 2021. Group show.

'Growing Pains', Curva, Lisbon, 2021. Solo show.

'A Fine Balance', Houghton Hall, Norfolk, 2020. Group show.

'A Dream A Little False', Anthony Fell Antiques and Works of Art, Norfolk, 2020. Solo show.

'Inside // HOWL', Ollie Quinn Gallery, Brighton, 2019. Solo show.

​'Pears', Anthony Fell Antiques and Works of Art, Norfolk, 2018. Solo show.

​'Being',  Grand Parade, Brighton, 2017. Group show.

Selected Works

The Kissing Life

Paintings - 32x32 cm

Five of Diamonds

Paintings - 90x90 cm


Drawings - 14x18 cm

Before Today

Paintings - 90x90 cm

All Things Pass Into The Night

Paintings - 70x70 cm

The Candle Fizzes

Paintings - 52x43 cm

I Will Not Haggle With Heaven

Paintings - 90x128 cm

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