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      Amanda Blunden


      Amanda Blunden is a British artist living in South West London. Working from her Wandsworth studio, the multidisciplinarian creates murals, watercolours, prints, oil paintings, paper-mache furniture and even grandfather clocks(!). Her landscape paintings express a desire for open and noiseless space. Silent dramas between thin threads of pastel and dark, opaque forms take place on the canvas, resulting in a tension between punchy and peaceful, powerful and fragile.

      Amanda Blunden’s Influences and Style

      Amanda lets memory, mood, light and space guide her process, often seeking out contrast and disparities. Working with a range of media from acrylics and gesso to charcoal and oil pastels on canvas, paper and wooden panels, the artist emphasises these distinctions to breathe life into her pieces. The artist sees equal beauty in shimmering shorelines and concrete bridges overarching motorways. Drawing from her experiences and ties with a place, Amanda produces rose-tinted and peachy-hued landscapes that translate a lasting loveliness and joy.

      Exhibitions, Awards and Press

      Amanda studied Fine Art at Leeds Polytechnic. She has exhibited at the Royal Watercolour Society (RWS) Open at Bankside Gallery, London (2018, 2019 and 2020). The artist has also presented works at the Affordable Art Fair and Hicks Gallery, London. The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour selected two paintings by Amanda for their 208th Exhibition at the Mall Galleries (2020). Her monoprint Night Pool also won the Intaglio Printmaker Prize at the National Original Print Competition in 2017. Leading interior magazines and Sunday supplements have featured her work.

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