Sarah Whiteley


Sarah is a landscape artist, painting on antique and recycled domestic fabric. Sarah reimagines the painting as an object by using materials with their own history and context. Her work explores the juxtaposition of the domestic and the natural world. After graduating from a Fine Art Degree at Bath in 2000, Sarah was a freelance editorial photographer. Having traveled through South America and Asia, she produced films exploring journeys and the sublime. This work was exhibited internationally in a retrospective of British video art entitled All for Show. Having trained at Goldsmiths College, she taught in a number of schools eventually to become Head of Art at Eastbourne College. In 2011, she was invited to exhibit a retrospective of her work at Bedford School. Sarah’s recent paintings arise from our shared relationship with woods and forests throughout the year, watching the different seasons play out in colour and light. These landscapes expose themselves; they bring together different narratives through the fabric and seductive painted surface which reveal and conceal different details. Although incredibly personal, these paintings allude to our shared experience of forests and depict the rhythm of life over time.

Selected Works

Autumn at Winkworth by Sarah Whiteley

Autumn at Winkworth

Prints - 42x30 cm
Sussex Blue by Sarah Whiteley

Sussex Blue

Prints - 42x30 cm
Sissinghurst Summer by Sarah Whiteley

Sissinghurst Summer

Prints - 42x30 cm
An Invasion That Comes Slowly by Sarah Whiteley

An Invasion That Comes Slowly

Paintings - 80x60 cm
The Gold and Rose Coloured Autumn by Sarah Whiteley
Winter’s Thunder by Sarah Whiteley

Winter’s Thunder

Paintings - 39x29 cm
Blue is True by Sarah Whiteley

Blue is True

Paintings - 39x29 cm
And Rides the Forest Green by Sarah Whiteley

And Rides the Forest Green

Paintings - 39x29 cm
Shine Like the Glittering Gold by Sarah Whiteley

Shine Like the Glittering Gold

Paintings - 39x29 cm
Prancing Through the Forest by Sarah Whiteley

Prancing Through the Forest

Paintings - 39x29 cm

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