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        Adam Robinson was picked as ‘one to watch’ by Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator at Saatchi Art.
        Many of Adam’s works feature vintage materials such as stamps.
        At the heart of Adam’s work is his fascination with the ephemeral.

        London-based artist Adam Robinson works with found materials to create vivid and colourful mixed media collages. Taking inspiration from architecture and urban motifs, Adam transforms his surroundings into patterned and geometric works of art. Adam’s collages have a strong sense of nostalgia to them, with the found materials he uses alluding to a forgotten past.

        Education and Career

        Adam was born in Sydney, Australia and studied a BA in Creative Arts, Theatre Design at the University of Wollongong. After graduating in 1995, Adam worked primarily in television as an Art Director before becoming a full-time visual artist. Since moving to London almost two decades ago, Adam has shown work in multiple fairs and exhibitions in London and New York, and has art in private collections internationally.

        Adam Robinson’s Style

        Adam reinvigorates the imagery he works with, giving it new context and narrative. He particularly enjoys working with vintage paper products from the 30s-70s and bringing it into a contemporary setting. Adam’s conceptual approach hovers between abstract and graphic, and whilst some works appear as patterned and ordered arrangements, some tell new stories with old materials. Colour plays an important role in Adam’s practice as it has the unique ability of instilling a strong sense of emotion into each of his works, whilst enhancing the patterned aesthetic.

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