6 Tips for Keeping it Clean

Posted in The Art-Isms by Rise Art on 23rd September 2016

As we know artwork is a great way to brighten up your walls and your home, transforming a space from dull and lacklustre to the epitome of envy. But sadly, though magic as they are, artworks won’t clean themselves, and maintaining your pieces properly is part and course of keeping them in the best nick possible. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Our friends at Hassle have put together tips for keeping your artwork in tip-top condition.


1 Framed

For framed artwork, your standard glass cleaner should do the trick on brightening up glass surfaces. Alternatively, use damp newspaper for a streak free shine, or a soft, damp sponge is perfect for cleaning around the frame itself.


Rise Art's Framed Favourites

Ferry Road, Harriet Hoult


Wandering, Tessa Houghton

2 Oil on Canvas

The best way to clean your oil paintings? With a loaf of bread! Yes, you read that correctly! Using the soft part of the bread, gently wipe away any dust on the surface of your painting. When the bread gets dirty, just grab another piece and repeat! It’s amazing how well this hack works on all paintings, just be careful not to use the crusts!


Oils to Covet

New Day, Fernando Velazquez


Flight Twist, Alison Johnson


3 Ceramics

For anything ceramic, clean it like you’d clean your grandmother’s wedding china...delicately! Use a low soap content solution and an old toothbrush to get into all the nooks and crannies. And be careful not to drop!


Ceramics to Celebrate

Beautiful Inside Out, Yurim Gough


4 Works on Paper

To clean delicate fabrics or paper, a soft microfibre cloth dampened ever so slightly will do the trick. You don’t want to wipe too hard in case you damage the fabric, and use this only when absolutely necessary.


Perfect Paper Pieces

Golden Arrow Part One & Two, Karenina Fabrizzi

Che Bravo... Sei, Satoshi date


5 Photographic Works

Preserving photographs is pretty simple. Keep them away from natural sunlight and avoid storing your pictures in basements or attics, basically anywhere with a highly-fluctuating humidity. A once-over with a tiger cloth will do the trick when cleaning dusty photos. Its microfibre technology is perfect for cleaning sensitive surfaces including photographs, acrylics and plexiglass. And of course, keep your art photophraphy well protected with good framing.


Hot Shots

Birds, Tommy Clarke


Frieden, Gina Soden


6 If In Doubt...

Lastly, and most importantly, if you’re unsure of how to properly maintain or clean a piece of art, it’s best to have it looked at by a respected art dealer who can advise you on best practices. When it comes to expensive and loved artworks, it’s best not to take chances!




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