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8 Ways to Enliven a Living Room

Our second instalment of the At Home With Rise Art series is all about the living room! Check out our top picks and suggested styles to bring your lounge to life.

By Rise Art | 03 Jul 2016

This week we bring you the second edition of the At Home With Rise Art series, taking you through each room of the house, and sharing tips and tricks on how to accentuate your home decor with art. After revealing 6 Ways to Stage Your Entrance With Art in last week’s article, this week we conquer the living room, with our top picks and suggested styles to bring your lounge to life.


The right piece of art can enliven and elevate a living room, command the attention of the eye or indeed, draw it away. Picking the right works for a space can serve to create depth, texture and cohesion. Art should be viewed as part of the composition of your interior design and an integral part of how every element in your home works together, and no less in your living room, where a statement piece or a subtle inclusion can make every difference.

So where to start? First, think about how you use your living room, is it a formal room or a relaxed space where everyone hangs out? What atmosphere do you want to create with your art? How do you want people to feel when they’re in the living room – inspired, calm, energised? More importantly, how do you want to feel? To get going, here are our 8 Ways to Enliven A Living Room with art.


1 Calm Elegance

Large artworks can maintain the calmness and luxuriousness of neutral colour palettes and simple decor, bringing depth and length to a room with understated impact.


Get The Look:

Black Horizon of Expectation

Caroline List


2 Powerful Statement

A flag for a place I never found

Niki Hare

Art, like nothing else, can make a dramatic impact on a living room, bringing oomph and dynamism to the refined sumptuousness of a bold room.


Get The Look:


Niki Hare


3 Convey Your Personality

How you express your personality is wide open. You can create many varied ways to bring art into your life. Go on, be wild, and put your own stamp on it.


Get The Look:

Left: April (The 12 Months) by Alexander Grigorev

Right: Quiet Rebellion by Michelle Cheung


4 Uniformity With Finesse

A consistent grouping of artwork can maintain the polished style of a room. Bring them together in style, medium, colour tone or theme for a collection that will stand out for all the right reasons.


Get The Look:

Another Dimension #4 and Another Dimension #2



5 Bring The Urban In

Expansive spaces require a fearless inventiveness to clearly create impact and bring life into the room. Bring street art style indoors, or stack large works against the wall for that distinctly cool warehouse-loft feel.


Get The Look:

Left: Miami Gold by Reed Hearne

Right: Siren in Motion by Hush


6 To The Manor Born

One for those lucky enough to have large houses and the space and walls to go with it. With scale on your side, big bold pieces are the way forward, don’t be afraid to fill and use all that space that is available to you. It may seem obvious, but go large scale, or you’ll be forever trying to make an impact with middle sized pieces.


Get The Look:

Silent Way

Michelle Hold


7 Happy Contradictions

Art can stand out in a wonderfully eclectic mix of furniture, décor, ornaments, objects and art. Mix it up and bring it all together with art.


Get the Look:


Victoria Horkan


8 Contemporary Twist

Contemporary art and interior decor can beautifully bridge the past and present, marrying historically rooted original design elements with modernity, conceptualism and minimalism. A style worth savouring.


Get The Look:

Cloud Rise

Andrew Kinmont


Expert tip alert!

Interior designer Talia Cobbold says,

“Artwork used in a living room can be so more much than just a decorative accessory. It can influence and inform the colour palette of the space. Wall finishes, fabrics, furniture and accessories can complement and pick up the colours that appear within the work.”


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