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      The Living Room Edit


      Curated by Rise Art

      Discover artwork for your living room. Whether you are partial to abstract paintings or contemporary sculpture, peruse our expertly curated selection of artwork ideal for your living room.

      Paintings, prints and photographs don’t simply adorn your walls; they become a part of the fabric of your home. Adding artwork to your living room can be truly transformative; reflecting your personality and providing colour, character and scale to your space.

      Bold and Bright Living Room Art

      Need living room art ideas? For social butterflies and seasoned hosts, bold and bright artwork can create impact and spark conversation. If your living room is regularly transformed into a party hub, striking Pop Art prints and paintings are a great way to boost the mood.

      Archie Proudfoot uplifts and inspires with his bespoke signage and typographical paintings such as All The Way.

      Likewise, provocative Street Art prints prompt intrigue and delight. Graphic designer Hush, inspired by Japanese culture, layers beautiful figures against bold and tribal backgrounds. Siren in Motion, as an example, teases and tempts the eye with its truly unique aesthetic.

      Relaxing Living Room Art

      For many of us, the lounge is a place to decompose and unwind. For relaxing living room art, harmonious seascapes by Tina Mammoser and sensorial paintings by Andrew Kinmont pair perfectly with softly coloured interiors. Delicate lilac hues and pastel palettes as seen in Cloud Rise and St Oswald suffuse serenity and induce a state of calm.

      For warm and nostalgic visuals, dreamlike scenes such as the elusive Uncascade by Michelle Loa Kum Cheung make for delicate and cohesive collectables. The artist works with notable intricacy, intimately blending graphite and gold leaf on canvas.

      Creating Contrast

      Energetic and coloured prints are perfect for those looking to mix-and-match styles, create contrast and embolden their living room. Abstract silkscreen prints such as Happy Happy by Dan Baldwin meander between themes of love, politics, memory and the unconscious. Dan’s vibrant mosaic-like collages are highly nuanced and the antidote to dull, colourless spaces.

      Contemporary Living Room Designs

      Reinvent your salon with a delicate balance of Art Deco and Abstract Geometric sculptures. Copper creations such as Pink Pearl by Mark Beattie are admirable options for those looking to take their living room to new dimensions.

      Alternatively, contemporary designs by Alexander Grigorev like April The Twelve Months, inspired by nature and the shape of water, are perfect for adding a touch of wonder without overpowering your parlour.

      Looking for more ways to reinvent your living room? Read our article 8 Ways to Enliven a Living Room.

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