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        Caroline List recently held solo shows at Angus-Hughes Gallery and ARTHOUSE1.
        Caroline has worked at Central Saint Martins teaching Mixed Media Painting since 1995.
        Goya is one of Caroline’s favourite traditional artists.

        Caroline List's inquiry into colour and space sets up a colour conversation within her paintings, informed by a number of colour references, such as signatures observed within nature, colour phenomena, colour theory and formal abstraction. This eclectic mix of references generates a spatial language, a visual tension between blended horizons of colour, light & organic shapes. Her paintings play with the push and pull of the picture plane, form and ground, creating compositions with surreal spatial horizons which allude to otherworldly vistas.

        Focusing on the creation of illusory space and the language and interaction between space and matter, Caroline’s work has an element of the sublime about it. Many of Caroline’s paintings are in a circular format, “I often use the format of the Renaissance tondo and the repetition of the circular form, a form which has no beginning or end, therefore the viewer can never fully complete the image”.

        Caroline List’s Education and Career

        Caroline lives in the UK and works from her studio in London. Since graduating from Chelsea School of Art with an MA in Fine Art over thirty years ago, Caroline’s art has become known across the world and exhibited in London, New York, Paris, Miami and Toronto. Her art has been collected by private and public collectors including The Contemporary Arts Society, Neuberger & Berman New York and JP Morgan Cazenove. A selection of Caroline’s lightbox works are now shown at The Groucho Club in London.

        Recent Exhibitions

        Caroline’s recent solo show Light Chroma, was held at Angus-Hughes Gallery and showcased a collection of her circular light boxes. Exploring ideas surrounding space, light and colour, Caroline’s art went further referencing the correlation between art and the screen in her digital light box works, Combining elements of photography, the exhibition created both a physical and virtual experience into the illusory nature of painting and space of viewing in an increasing digital/ virtual world.

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