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        Horse Prints For Sale

        Take a look at our range of horse prints for sale. Horses have been the inspiration for many works of art over the centuries, which is why horse prints will always grace the walls of equestrian lovers around the world. For years, artists in cultures from around the world have been captivated by the grace and beauty of horses, making our equestrian friends the subjects of countless works of art. If this sparks your interest, why not take a look at our Horse Collages, Horse Sculpture or Horse Paintings.

        Not sure where to start? Kristjana S Williams is a contemporary artist who sees the value and beauty in all animals and includes horses alongside every animal you can think of in her prints. A horse print from her work that really stands out to us is Oliu heimur - Taste It - 1618 - Flemish Masters - Diorama.

        Carl Moore is another contemporary artist who’s use of animals in his work included horses. In conversation with Stubbs’ Whistlejacket perhaps, is his Le Whistle Prancer, which uses a similar view, stance and background as Stubbs’ horse, but is dressed up and attached to a merry-go-round pole.

        A brief history of horse art

        Some of the first depictions of horses were found on the walls of the Lascaux caves in France. Over the centuries, artists have artists been exploring the horse anatomy in artful ways and using it as a symbol of power and industry. So much so that horse imagery has also become synonymous with representations of masculinity and militarism. Today, horses are rarely still used to convey these ideas. Instead, they’re much more likely to be part of a nostalgic scene longing for rural areas and countrysides.

        One of the most iconic images of a horse is George Stubbs’ Whistlejacket which became renowned for its scale and its lack of background imagery, which was very unique for an image created in 1762 and his painting has been reproduced and reprinted endlessly ever since. Joan Miro, who’s artworks can be found everywhere from scatter cushions to magazine pullouts, used a show horse in Horse, Pipe and Red Flower. He famously painted this piece after his return from a trip to Paris where he was influenced by the avant-garde paintings he had seen.

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          Runner at Night

          Prints - 64x90 cmRent for $ 60/mo


          Prints - 59x84 cm

          Borrowed Freedom

          Prints - 42x59 cmRent for $ 60/mo

          Interior No.73

          Prints - 40x40 cm

          A Winter Horse

          Prints - 40x50 cmRent for $ 70/mo

          Le Whistle Prancer

          Prints - 55x55 cm