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Le cheval s'étant voulu venger du cerf

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Salvador Dali

Man with many talents and multiple facets, Salvador Dalí illustrated himself as an extremely popular modern artist of the 20th century. Attached to the surrealist movement, it shines by a multidisciplinary technique and a personality often overflowing with imagination. Salvador Dalí leaves behind an indelible imprint on the world of modern art. Provocative and ingenious, it offers an impressive heritage of often enigmatic surreal works.

Browse his gallery to discover his magnificent lithographs. Salvador Dalí, or the genius of surrealism after studying the Fine Arts in Madrid, Dalí is introduced by Miró to the surrealist movement led by André Breton. He quickly became a figurehead and meets Gala there, that which will become his muse and the great love of his life.

Very influenced by psychoanalysis, Dalí gives his work an original graphic form where dead and eroticism sometimes merge. Among other things, he invents a spontaneous creation method which he called "paranoia-criticism".

Adept of the self-portrait, he regularly integrates his own caricature with a pronounced taste for trompe-l'oeil images. In the greatest achievements of Dalí, let us quote "the persistence of memory" (1931), "The big masturbator "(1929)," the disintegration of the persistence of memory "(1954) or" dreaming caused by the theft of a bee around a grenade, a second before the awakening "(1944).

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