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      Richard Pike


      Richard was born in Leeds, in West Yorkshire, and studied painting at St.Martin's School of Art and the Royal Academy Schools in London.

      After working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, and later as a drawing tutor at various London colleges, he left London in 2006 and moved up to the wilds of the South Pennines; renovating an old stone house overlooking the Huddersfield Narrow Canal, in the village of Marsden, in West Yorkshire.

      Near the centre of the village he now also has a working studio space - complete with free wifi - courtesy of the wonderful Hanson Musical Instruments workshop next door!

      The 'landscape', has always been a major source of inspiration for his work; but the history of science, and philosophy, has been just as important in generating ideas for the invention of new work... alongside music and the idea of 'story-telling'...

      But a relatively recent way of working - in which all of the pieces start life as a 'physical painting' - before being scanned and then developed as a digital creation - has opened up a new and rather wonderful world of visual possibilities; combining the qualities usually found in work that is 'physically created', with the flexibility and inventiveness that's available in the digital realm.

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