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Flowers have always been a subject of fascination for artists. With so many different colours, shapes and forms, it’s no surprise that painters, sculptors and photographers have spent centuries trying to capture the beauty of flowers. From the up-close views of Georgia O’Keeffe to Van Gogh’s fields of sunflowers, flowers have featured in some of the world’s most famous artworks. The arrival of photography provided artists with a new tool to show interesting and unique perspectives on flowers, producing beautiful artworks that you can discover right here.

Harold Feinstein was a famous New York photographer whose work focused on the beauty of the natural world. Many of his images show close-up views of the petals of a flower, in a similar way to the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe. His photographs are a perfect example of how the medium allows for different views on familiar subjects, and his clever use of black backgrounds highlights the beautiful colours and forms of these plants.

Geoffrey Ansel Agrons is an American photographer whose work focuses on quiet landscapes and the beauty of the natural world. His photograph Townhall Road shows a single wildflower by a winding road, creating a sense of sadness and solitude that characterises so much of his work.

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