Black & White Portraits Photography For Sale

Discover black and white portrait photography for sale. Our range includes work by emerging artists such as Andrew Lever, David Gulliver and Iliana Tosheva. All our portraits are hand-selected by leading experts in the field, so you can buy art in total confidence.…

Since the invention of photography, the art form has advanced in tandem with the emergence of modernist movements and technological progress across the globe. With photography being used to explore the significance of individual and collective perspectives over time, stylised Black and White portraits are almost like time capsules, making them curious and yet classic works of art.

African Boy by award-winning travel photographer Andrew Lever is one of our limited-edition portraits for sale. All of his shots have an expertly nuanced emotional depth; with a single click, Andrew captures what it means to be human.

Alter Ego 2 by Illiana Tosheva is an out of focus, female portrait. Minimalist in style, Illiana photographs a blurred shadow of her subject, arguably portraying the darker side of humanity and the psyche.

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