Françoise Chadelas


Parisian, self -taught and passionate photographer, Françoise Chadelas now spends most of her time behind the lens. Actress for a long time, she found in photography, the most suitable medium to express herself and communicate her visions. "I like to use the lights, the contrasts, the colors, playing with the elements. The photo is for me a tribute to the earth, a support for contemplation, the way open to escape, the dream. to transmit poetry, tenderness, that nature inspires me. I love photos that create an expectation, which hires the spectator to imagine a story; these images where reality vacillates, where the image becomes a dream. That's why I sometimes use the double exposure technique. " F. C. Françoise Chadelas works in digital and argentic. It very often uses a shorthand, a device which precisely allows you to escape reality.

Selected Works

Félicité by Françoise Chadelas


Photography - 45x36 cm
Félicité (2) by Françoise Chadelas

Félicité (2)

Photography - 45x30 cm
La glace et le feu by Françoise Chadelas

La glace et le feu

Photography - 45x30 cm
Fleur de givre by Françoise Chadelas

Fleur de givre

Photography - 45x30 cm
Strange world by Françoise Chadelas

Strange world

Photography - 30x45 cm
Strange world 2 by Françoise Chadelas

Strange world 2

Photography - 23x40 cm
Strange world 3 by Françoise Chadelas

Strange world 3

Photography - 30x45 cm
Salomé by Françoise Chadelas


Photography - 30x30 cm
La femme coquelicot by Françoise Chadelas

La femme coquelicot

Photography - 30x30 cm
Jour de pluie by Françoise Chadelas

Jour de pluie

Photography - 30x20 cm

Jour de pluie 2

Photography - 20x30 cm

Jour de pluie 3

Photography - 30x20 cm

Nous deux

Photography - 30x30 cm

I'll see you

Photography - 40x30 cm


Photography - 20x20 cm

Just dance

Photography - 40x30 cm


Photography - 30x20 cm

White swan

Photography - 30x20 cm

Vénus 2

Photography - 30x20 cm


Photography - 30x20 cm

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