Religious Paintings For Sale

Discover Religious Paintings for sale online today. Choose from an array of limited-edition paintings by world-class contemporary artists. Our collection of Religious paintings, full of diverse styles including abstract, realistic, surrealist and street art styles, is constantly renewed so you can discover the latest, most sought-after work.

If you want to filter your search further, you can choose between our extensive range of mediums including sculpture, oil on canvas, print, photography and more.

If you’re ready to embark upon your search, perhaps begin by looking at religious paintings by esteemed contemporary artists such as Toos Van Holstein and Alexander Galagher.

The dreamy warmth of Bodisathva would bring peace and harmony to any space. Just as dreamy but more provocative is Alexander’s imaginative series of paintings including the dramatic piece Our Lady of Sorrow.

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      Anima: From the Daughters of Men Series

      Paintings - 182x152cmRent for $ 1,295/mo


      Paintings - 30x23cmRent for $ 46/mo

      Arakiba Mores: from the Fallen Series

      Paintings - 165x135cmRent for $ 1,250/mo

      Study for The Temptation of St Anthony

      Paintings - 52x71cmRent for $ 140/mo

      Day 39: Christ Tempted in the Wilderness

      Paintings - 170x145cmRent for $ 1,150/mo

      Day 39 Christ Tempted in the Wilderness

      Paintings - 175x145cmRent for $ 1,150/mo

      Meditation with Skull

      Paintings - 100x70cmRent for $ 275/mo

      Caged Boid

      Paintings - 31x23cmRent for $ 40/mo


      Paintings - 160x90cm

      Outre Ciel

      Paintings - 16x16cm

      Combat d'Icares

      Paintings - 40x40cm

      In Vino Veritas

      Paintings - 70x100cmRent for $ 310/mo

      one shot too many

      Paintings - 139x113cm


      Paintings - 120x100cm