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        Mark won the Artichoke Printmakers Awards and the John Purcell Paper Award.
        Mark has shown work in group and solo shows across the UK and Germany.
        Mark’s collection, Ectoplasm Phantasm showcases a series of large scale nude paintings.

        Mark Metcalfe is known for his emotive, dramatic and realistic paintings, capturing compelling portraits, nudes and scenes of intrigue. Some characters are unique in the way they communicate feelings of nostalgia, tension and others allude to the language of myth and allegory.

        Mark Metcalfe’s Education and Career

        Mark completed a BA in Fine Art from London Metropolitan University and an MA in Printmaking from UAL.

        The Banal Lapses of Heroes

        The Banal Lapses of Heroes is a collection of prints, drawings, paintings and sculptures that reconstruct and reimagine narratives, playing with the themes of collective memory to externalise hidden emotions.

        Each piece in the collection is underpinned with archetypes and symbolic gesture to immerse the viewer into the emotive language of such symbolism across the history of painting and it's function.

        Commission an artwork by Mark Metcalfe

        We can arrange and oversee the creation of a new work, made specifically for you.

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