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Discover portraits oil paintings for sale. Showcasing pieces from some of the most exciting artists, our collection is ever-evolving with vibrant, powerful pieces. Browse today to find the paintings for you, with a variety of styles and subjects available. Not sure where to start? Explore our popular portraits paintings, portraits photography and portraits prints. Or discover more about artists like Kate McCrickard, Stella Kapezanou and Enzo Marra.

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    Drifting To Sleep

    Paintings - 80x50 cm

    A Mon Seul Desir II

    Paintings - 50x40 cm

    City of Glass 24 (Peter)

    Paintings - 50x40 cmRent for $ 120/mo

    ID #30

    Paintings - 25x25 cm

    green palms waving

    Paintings - 59x42 cmRent for $ 120/mo

    Melting Lenin

    Paintings - 90x70 cmRent for $ 105/mo

    Drafting (II)

    Paintings - 51x41 cm

    The Influencer

    Paintings - 76x56 cm

    Savannah (Together)

    Paintings - 60x50 cmRent for $ 66/mo

    East India DLR

    Paintings - 160x200 cmRent for $ 245/mo

    Untitled (A Return To Nature)

    Paintings - 20x25 cmRent for $ 85/mo

    Recalibration of Lenin

    Paintings - 85x65 cmRent for $ 80/mo

    Leisure Island

    Paintings - 140x200 cm

    Who was it?

    Paintings - 65x40 cmRent for $ 75/mo

    Split Lenin

    Paintings - 90x70 cmRent for $ 86/mo

    Self Portrait

    Paintings - 40x30 cm

    Paradise Grocers Shop

    Paintings - 101x76 cmRent for $ 110/mo

    A Slice of London:Pearly King

    Paintings - 101x76 cmRent for $ 680/mo

    Passing figures

    Paintings - 32x21 cm

    Chocolate Girl I

    Paintings - 42x32 cm

    In the Shadow

    Paintings - 76x76 cmRent for $ 160/mo

    The Reveries

    Paintings - 40x40 cmRent for $ 305/mo


    Paintings - 76x102 cmRent for $ 420/mo

    Nameless 0423 - Matcha I

    Paintings - 60x60 cm

    Calibrating Lenin

    Paintings - 140x100 cmRent for $ 275/mo

    Moving Targets

    Paintings - 81x66 cmRent for $ 100/mo

    Mr Bacon

    Paintings - 60x90 cm


    Paintings - 81x101 cmRent for $ 140/mo

    paw right

    Paintings - 42x59 cmRent for $ 120/mo