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Explore our range of female portrait drawings for sale. Showcasing art from some of the most exciting artists active today, our collection is ever-evolving with vibrant, powerful pieces. Browse today to find the portrait drawing for you, with a variety of styles and subjects available. To get started, check out the surrealist and impressionistic female portrait drawings we have available to buy or rent.

Or check out Delphine Lebourgeois. Delphine has created a series of self-contained impressions of the modern woman. Each print brimming with her own larger-than-life story, Lebourgeois uses composition and pose to pay homage to the Classics such as Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus.

The expanse of female portrait drawings available is not only a celebration of the variety of the female form, but a testament to the creative expression of women artists. From Raphael’s fixation with the mystical Three Muses to Degas’ love for Laundress Carrying Linen, women of all walks of life have at one time become artistic subject matter. In our catalogue of female portrait drawings we see this tradition continued to the highest standard.

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    Woman/Boat 18 by Susannah Douglas

    Woman/Boat 18

    Drawings - 26x26 cmRent for $70 /mo
    Maasai women Portrait series Portrait One by Kimberley Gundle

    Maasai women Portrait series Portrait One

    Drawings - 45x34 cmRent for $75 /mo
    Woman Looking Left by Randy Klinger

    Woman Looking Left

    Drawings - 46x56 cmRent for $180 /mo
    Woman at Table by Randy Klinger

    Woman at Table

    Drawings - 46x56 cmRent for $235 /mo
    Allegro no.200 by Zin Lim

    Allegro no.200

    Drawings - 76x61 cm
    Woman Musing by Randy Klinger

    Woman Musing

    Drawings - 46x56 cmRent for $155 /mo

    Greenham 1983

    Drawings - 30x42 cm

    Disegno 8

    Drawings - 29x21 cm

    Torso 1

    Drawings - 59x42 cm


    Drawings - 59x42 cm

    Figure No. 1

    Drawings - 119x89 cm

    Gardienne de la nature

    Drawings - 84x56 cm


    Drawings - 60x92 cm

    Woman at her Meal

    Drawings - 46x56 cmRent for $235 /mo


    Drawings - 65x45 cm


    Drawings - 59x42 cm

    Flowers For Bee

    Drawings - 21x15 cmRent for $315 /mo

    Iris II

    Drawings - 42x29 cm

    Série - Portraits

    Drawings - 21x21 cm

    girl 4

    Drawings - 32x24 cmRent for $60 /mo

    Woman with a Mask

    Drawings - 34x24 cmRent for $145 /mo


    Drawings - 30x21 cm

    Série - Portraits

    Drawings - 21x21 cm

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