Harry Boudchicha


Harry Boudchicha begins his artistic practice at the age of 14 through various municipal workshops for painting, drawing and sculpture in his city, Coulommniers. Arrived in Paris in 1992, the artist devoted himself to the naked, to the study of the body of living model and sculptures in various Parisian museums. He perfected his technique, reproducing today the lightness of the forms, curves, and the distribution of light on bodies as on objects, in its nudes and its still lints. He extended his training until 2016, through various engraving, sculpture and painting workshops in Paris such as the Atelier Montparnasse des Beaux-Arts and training at the Saint-Roque Academy. The Taylor Foundation and the Paris Salon of Autumn, & Nbsp; The work of Harry Boudchicha has undergone many developments over the years. The artist center today his pictorial work around the same theme, the naked. Speaking at the same time through drawing and painting, he makes drawings and oils on canvas from the model as well as studies from paintings from the Louvre Museum in Paris.

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