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Geert Heirbaut - Kowalsky Days

Geert Heirbaut lives and works in Gent, Belgium.
Geert Heirbaut is dedicated to delving into the intersections where images dissipate, formlessness takes shape, and representation emerges.

Our world is an intricate tapestry of ephemeral and enduring, living and lifeless elements, among others. What, then, defines our essence? Additionally, we navigate a reality characterized by fragmentation and complexity, offering each individual a unique sensory experience. Despite our attempts to encapsulate the world's beauty through artistic depictions, these endeavors serve as mere substitutes for the vast array of perceptions inherent in our reality.

Personally, my commitment lies in the exploration of novel forms of personal expression, fueled by a profound desire to convey my experiences through art. My objective is to compress and mold reality, transforming it into a sensory revelation akin to the fragmented world unfolding around us. Indeed, I recreate reality in its scattered and intricate nature. From the ground up, I construct my own universe, weaving image associations that draw upon our shared familiarity. I navigate the delicate equilibrium between the formless organic and the recognizable world shaped by light, time, evolution, and various other influences. The resulting images embody a fragmentation and complexity that evoke connections with our familiar surroundings.

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