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Nadine Defer

French artist Nadine Defer creates a rich, built painting, where graphics, materials and colors are deducted from a subject: the human body. His approach comes down to the "living", unpretentious socio-political, nor chatter. & Nbsp;… in the end: painting! Born in 1954 in the north of France, a ceramic-music and a Mother Musician Nadine Defer dreamed of making "Beaux-Arts". Favoring employment security, like her parents, she became a nurse, while learning to work the land with her father. & Nbsp; in 1984, Nadine Defer moved to the south of France and frequently frequented workshops Watercolor, then drawing with living models. This is the revelation: "I will work the body! ». She follows many courses, frequents the Fine Arts of Toulon, participates in numerous exhibitions and won prizes. & Nbsp; but it was in 2010 that Nadine Defer left her job to finally devote herself to painting! From the bodily expression support for bodily expression, its canvas becomes "skin". The body represented tends to disappear in favor of a lived body, that of the artist, but also that of the spectator. Large formats allow this bodily commitment by gestures. It all starts and ends with drawing, while it works from living models. Attentive to a gesture, a look, a shortcut, or simply a camber, a hand, a foot, a knee, Nadine Defer feels an almost kinesthetic emotion that guides the choice of her lines for her preparatory drawings. & Nbsp; an expressionist palette and spontaneous & nbsp; the palette of Nadine Defer is original, daring and personal as a kind of signature. An assumed, expressionist risk -taking, which participates in the strength of his work. & Nbsp; colors make matter by asserting himself by a certain autonomy: drips, puffers, virgin canvas in places, creating overflow, spontaneity and unexpected. It is probably there that the "drive" dimension of his paintings is hidden. & Nbsp; the word of the artist & nbsp; "The body is an exciting subject. He cannot leave indifferent because everyone can feel his implicating force. Naked or naked or faces, the body always captures us. " - Nadine Defer

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